………………………..scott pilgrim hat…………..kenzie

Here is a continuity picture from my friend Patricia Medina the hair dresser who did Michael Cera’s hair in the movie. Thank you so much for sending it to me Patricia. It’s awesome.

Here is the picture of my daughter Kenzie modelling the hat before it went off to the movie. :)

I am still making hats as the orders come in and I have been getting requests for some in other colours too. It looks awesome in the other colours and when I get a chance I will take a picture of them and post.

I have until December 10th to finish up working on the tv series Skins, and then I will have more time to devote to filling all the hat orders. Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered one and for all the wonderful encouraging comments.

If anyone wants to make a hat themselves the pattern is available as a PDF download for $5 from my Ravelry account under the user name lugirl.

Christmas is just around the corner it seems, and I have lots of gifts to come up with, (yeah, I know, I should be knitting them) so I am off to the shopping mall to see if I can make a dint in it. Last weekend I tried the same thing, and ended up driving around the parking lot for an hour looking for a spot to park in. I gave up in frustration and came home, where I snuggled up in front of the fire and knit a hat. Certainly a much much better use of my time.