Scott Pilgrim vs The World Original Hat from the movie

………………………..scott pilgrim hat…………..kenzie

Here is a continuity picture from my friend Patricia Medina the hair dresser who did Michael Cera’s hair in the movie. Thank you so much for sending it to me Patricia. It’s awesome.

Here is the picture of my daughter Kenzie modelling the hat before it went off to the movie. :)

I am still making hats as the orders come in and I have been getting requests for some in other colours too. It looks awesome in the other colours and when I get a chance I will take a picture of them and post.

I have until December 10th to finish up working on the tv series Skins, and then I will have more time to devote to filling all the hat orders. Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered one and for all the wonderful encouraging comments.

If anyone wants to make a hat themselves the pattern is available as a PDF download for $5 from my Ravelry account under the user name lugirl.

Christmas is just around the corner it seems, and I have lots of gifts to come up with, (yeah, I know, I should be knitting them) so I am off to the shopping mall to see if I can make a dint in it. Last weekend I tried the same thing, and ended up driving around the parking lot for an hour looking for a spot to park in. I gave up in frustration and came home, where I snuggled up in front of the fire and knit a hat. Certainly a much much better use of my time.

:0 :) :0 :) :0 THANK YOU DIAMOND :) :0 :) :0 :)

………………………………..scott pilgrim

I am so pleased and honoured that Diamond Yarns has posted a link on their website ( of wonderful yarns to my lugirl ( and lulu-bee sites for the Scott Pilgrim Hat pattern. The hat is made of their fine merino superwash DK, a lovely luxurious knit with beautiful colours. Thank you so very very much.

I have also been getting quite a few orders to knit these awesome hats. The update on that is I am working my way through the orders and knitting as fast as I can. I am also working on the new tv series Skins full time, (which FYI is a fantastic series out of Britain that is being made again here in Toronto, airing in January on MTV) so I am doing my best to multi task my way through my days. I am sure I am quite a site on the film set with my bag of yarn and needles strapped to my belt so I can knit a few stitches here and there whenever I get the chance.

Here is Coby dog posing with my bag of scott pilgrim knitting…..

…………………………coby dog

sock monkey blanket

sock monkey blanket
………………………………………..sock monkey blanket…………………………………………………………………………………tibby and the sock monkey blanket

That’s Tibby the talking cat who was doing cat acrobatics on my newly finished Sock Monkey Blanket. As soon as I put it on the floor she was tumbling and writhing and meowing and purring and turning herself inside out all over it. I think she likes it :)

Made of 1824 Mission Falls held 2 strands at once. It is a larger version of the Adirondack Lap Blanket that Joanne Yordanou designed for her book 12 months of knitting. Her original was done in Rowan Big Wool. The mission falls version feels so incredible - heavy and warm and soft.

I didn’t keep count of how many balls I used, which at the time I was knitting it seemed to be a lot. I started knitting this project while I was working on the movie of the week called Devil’s Teardrop. It was the kind of thing I could knit on set given it is just blocks of knit and purl and didn’t take much thought. It went quickly and grew to be a bit to big to carry around with me so I finished knitting it at home. A couple of weekends ago I finally got around to sewing in the ends. I love it like Tibby the talking cat loves it.

The Original Scott Pilgrim Hat and Today at work and a few yesterdays ago….

I did some mad multi tasking at work today, for work. Nothing surprising there - it’s how the days roll. The noteworthy part of the day is I managed to squeeze in a lunch time photo shoot, figure out how to do on line mailing through Canada Post and package up hat number two and put it in the mail! Thanks Art from Texas for your order :)

I am so amazed how people have gone to see the movie Scott Pilgrim and fallen in love with the hat he wears, and spent the time to find out I made it and have sent me such lovely encouraging messages of support. From as far away as Australia - imagine - wowzers!! Thank you so much everybody. You have encouraged me to not only make more hats but to post the written pattern. It feels great! Here is today’s picture……….

………………………………………….scott pilgrim hat

Here are a few yesterday’s ago pictures……

The idea for these socks came from all the talk of tattoo’s that I was involved in. I don’t have any tattoo’s. I’ll never have a tattoo. I could never commit to something as permanent as that. I also don’t believe they don’t hurt - I’m a suck, no question. So, in the interest of fostering the art of tattoo’s I came up with my version - painless and changeable!

I had mostly finished these Tattoo socks quite a while ago, but as is typical of me, I had only to finish the last few rows and cast off the final sock, when I was distracted by the next shiny thing to knit. I am happy to report they are now done and fit so well you’d think they were made for me :) ha!

They are made of Spud and Chloe sock yarn and took two balls, with a bit left over. The heart is made with yarn overs, the leg of the sock is a rib and the heel is a gusset heel. I LOVE the gusset heel. It has a way of moulding to my heel and arch that is very satisfying - kind of like wearing a ballet slipper, well, the way I imagine it feels to wear a ballet slipper. I’m not a ballet dancer - I have to go with the fantasy! This sock is simple and beautiful and an easy peasy knit. Toe up, gusset heel, yarn over heart ankle tattoo, rib cuff, stretchy bind off. Voila!

Yup, I love them.

Scott Pilgrim Hat Pattern

Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for all the encouragement to get the Scott Pilgrim Hat Pattern written and uploaded. It is finally done!! Phew!!! I had some moments, let me tell you, trying to figure out how to do it, but success is mine :)

This is my first pattern and I am really excited by all of the positive comments I have been receiving. It is available for download through raverly ( and my name on raverly is lugirl. I have listed it for $5. I can also send it along to your email through paypal. My paypal account is I will also try to figure out how to get the pattern up onto Etsy.

I am presently working almost round the clock :) on a new tv series out of Britain called Skins. Well, new to us over here in North America. It has been going for quite some time in the UK and has become very successful. The stories are amazing. As well as the characters, acting, cinematography, and costumes :) The Brit versions are available on line, and the new American version will be out on MTV sometime around January. Anyway, that’s what I’m up to.

cheers, and please feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions about the scott pilgrim hat. p.s. I am also willing to knit the actual hat if that works too!

Scott Pilgrim Hat

Thank you to everyone who has sent me such lovely notes about the hat I made for Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim. I have had requests for the pattern and also requests for the the actual hat. I shall do both and post on my etsy site lugirl when they are ready. I will also post the pattern on my ravelry site lugirl. Should I make the hats in the colour of the actual scott pilgrim hat or should I make it in different colours? The materials for the hat are around $25 and it takes about 12 hours to make one. I am thinking to ask $50 for a made hat. Not much of an hourly wage, but I think if I also sell the pattern then I will balance out my time that way. So, what do you think?

Also, as a side note, I have started a new gig today working on the American version of the tv series Skins. It will prove, I think, to be an awesome show, judging by what I have seen already. Really great cinematography and story lines. Somewhat shocking sometimes, but easy to get hooked on. :)

Thanks for the feedback and making me feel good.

Origami Damson is done done done

Ok, so I was just robbed cause my daughter tells me I am sooooo lame and wants to know who other than myself reads this thing! Yeah! Nothing like being sweet 17.

I am proceeding though with my blinders on and my self esteem just a teenie tiny bit crushed.

The Damson is done, named, labelled in raverly, and photographed. Here she is. Let me present Origami:



Ain’t she fine :)

I don’t know where to start,

so I’ll just begin and see where I go.

The one thing about having a blog is that it really points out how all the good intentions in the world don’t actually make the blog write itself. Yup, I really do mean to been more disciplined, and I convince myself of the benefits, and yet, I fall off the cliff into the big soft cloud of self denial more often than not. I could tell myself, no worries, just do what you can do, which would be reasonable and easy. I would much rather impose on myself a strict schedule of “get er done”, so I could feel all that constant self fulfillment that is the doing of something and not just the planning. I am a great planner, dreamer, and wannabeeeeeeeee!!!!

Ok. Down to the business at hand.

I made the citron shawl pattern that has been so popular on Ravelry while I was in Costa Rica for March Break. It was a good project to bring as first and foremost it was cotton, so no sweaty, irritating sticky wool to contend with and it was an easy knit. The habu cotton I made it in was a beautiful colour reminiscent of lavender fields, which is why I have dubbed my effort “lavender fields” - surprise! haha. I think in hind sight I would have been better off making it on a larger needle so the fabric would have had more drape, but even so, it is pretty. If time was no object, and I had lots of it, I would knit this again. I still might, given that it was something that almost knit itself, which is a good project to have around.

lavender fields shawl lavender fields shawl
lavender fields shawl

Oh and p.s. I ran out of yarn on the cast off row when I was about 12″ from the end!! Yikes!! Instead of continuing with a loop over loop cast off (which would have made more sense and been totally do-able) I panicked,ok, that’s an over statement, but I went into rip back mode and started the cast off again. I used two strands of lace weight cashmere in lavender and light blue held together. It adds a nice subtle border to the last row. Serendipity - she’s my friend.

So, after that puppy was put to bed, I cast on for the Damson shawl. Of course, I am supposed to be finishing all my works in progress cause they are weighing me down a ton. Chanda McPanda even came over to set me up a calendar with sticky notes and project deets with estimated completion dates. The calendar is all sticky noted up for the entire year! That just seems like cruel and unusual punishment and as much as I’d like to be the stick to it girl and come out win win win, I just know I am all about the thrill of the cast on. (Which is how come I did the citron instead of bringing a pro-jai already on the go away with me) Slipping it in worked like a charm so….

Again, I felt I could just slip a little damson in between those post it notes and have it done before the calendar even noticed. No such luck. I happily cast on with the artyarns beaded regal silk in a crazy clown colourway. (Kinda fugly really!) The yarn is lovely and soft and luxurious, and when combined with the new signature circular needles I felt like Queen Knitting Bee. The yarn/knitting Gods where not going to let me have it though, that high and mighty feeling of luxury. I could not get the damn damson to work out. I fiddled and I fudged and I fixed and I tore out a bit of my hair. It wasn’t until Miss Double Dee pointed out the obvious solution - use a different yarn, that I realized I had been foiled and she was right with a capital Right!

I re-cast on the Dammmmmmson with Kauni. A stiffer, finer gauge, colour changing wool that holds the stitches and placement of the yarn overs. The way the colours change it could very well be a batch of origami paper. I think I will call my damson origami. The thing is though, I have a huge aversion/inability to wear wool next to my skin, and this sucker is itchy as all get out. I am almost done. I hope my idea of washing it with Eucalan and then soaking it in hair conditioner will do the trick of taking away the itch and softening it. If not, then another one bites the dust.

Here is the picture of it in progress with the crazy clown artyarns.

……..artyarns damson

I should point out that the damson pattern is an easy one. Once again, it was me being retaaaaded!

On the calendar of get those projects done is the back to school U-shaped vest from the book fitted knits. I had only needed to do the neck and arm opening bind offs. Typically though, I got bored with it and tossed it aside for many many months.

I found it yesterday. Without trying it on, I merrily finished it! Let me start by saying the yarn is cascade 220 in the most beautiful blue red and holds the stitches really really well, which is what makes this yarn such a great knit. Perfect for outer wear. The problem is once again - ME!

Ploughing ahead and finishing without trying on at some stage is a recipe for the yarn voodoo to invade. It did! The shoulders are just too wide. They would have been too wide without the edge. With the edge, the extra fabric bunches at my underarm and makes my chest look decidedly unattractive. And by unattractive I mean “is that another breast you are trying to disguise under your arm”. Yeah! Looks pretty hideous! I refuse to rip it out. I want it done done done. I am going to add a sewn dart to the underarm bust area to corral the copious quantities of unnecessary yardage. Perhaps I can gift it to my darling daughter who will smile and nod and tell me it’s great, even if it isn’t. If you are asking yourself the natural question “why didn’t she notice while knitting” all I can say in my defence is “I tend to knit with blinders on” and “no, it looked totally within the normal range of shoulder size” and how about “I did what the pattern told me to do”?

Perhaps when and if I ever get the thing really “finished” I will post a photo. Maybe even a before dart corralling and an after dart corralling.

I am going to leave off now cause this post is getting quite long. I do want you to know that I really enjoyed Costa Rica. We went to Papagayeo, on the pacific coast in the Guanacasta region. March is the hottest month - maybe a bit of April too! It was 40 degrees and sweltering! The water is drinkable, the food is delicious and safe, the people are lovely, the views stellar, the monkey’s are hilarious - what more could one ask for?

Here I am at a wonderful fish restaurant in Liberia, Costa Rica, knitting the citron shawl.

……………………………..knitting in costa rica

Here is from L to R: Reid, myself, Mackenzie and Ian standing in front of the building that is papered with newspaper articles. Weird and wonderful downtown Liberia.

……………outside the “newspaper” building

And finally, the gorgeous, hilarious, shy, but also bold, monkey’s on the beach.

……………………….feeding the monkey’shappy monkey…………….monkey…………..reid and monkey

That sign the monkey is being fed from really does say “please don’t feed the monkey’s”, AND, Reid is my youngest son, and Kenzie is my only daughter. There are two more sons to come - Ashley the eldest, and Spencer the middlest. Ok. ciao for now. elayne

Proper Lady Suit

Well, here is the picture then of my proper lady suit from Pringle of Scotland, by appointment to her Majesty the Queen. I wore it yesterday to the memorial service of June Faulkner at Soul Pepper Theatre. A lovely turnout of people to honour a most wonderful woman.

………………………………….Pringle Suit……………Pringle Suit………………………………….

A tickle me fancy tidbit to tide one over…..

Since the last post many things have happened that I want to share and show, but for now I will leave you with this clip. Of course, it is from youtube and is absolutely brilliant. The Scottish knitting company Pringle pokes fun at themselves, showing what a fabulous sense of humour they have. Here is the link then:

You know what to do - copy and paste it into the address bar….

p.s. I inherited a pink Pringle 3 piece skirt, top and cardi suit from the 60’s that still had the tags on it. Very lady like it is too! I will photo it sometime soon :)